Abdominal Workout – Health Benefits

There are more health benefits to abdominal workout than just having good looking ripped abs. Abdominal workout is the key to good physical health as well. Ab exercises, for example, have a great toning effect on the internal organs, which results in internal well being. And training the abdominals improves digestion, helping break down food better so that nutrients are absorbed and assimilated optimally. Also, elimination is improved, so you are more regular. As almost anyone can tell you, its difficult to train with any kind of intensity when you have constipation.

Abdominal workout is important for total body balance too. Remember, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. If your abs are the weak link of your muscle groups you will not be able to handle as much weight either in exercising or everyday lifting. The weakness leaves you open to injury and ultimately limits your overall muscle mass.

Improvement of appearance is the main reason why we all want to have good abs, as possessing a small, tight, muscular waistline with hard 6 pack abs is the key to a quality physique. No other muscle group makes your body look athletic looking or impressively polished as a set of ripped abdominals. Abdominal workout transform your physique and your whole appearance. Suddenly your shoulders look wider, your lats look wider, your V-taper gets better, your legs and upper body look bigger and your symmetry improves. Your whole physique just sparkles. That’s what good abs and no more belly fat can do for you.

Consider this. If you never did weight exercises at all, and if you got your belly fat low enough and developed outstanding abdominals so that you look lean and athletic, you would be admired for having a good physique. If you had a pot belly and were smooth and heavy, no matter how big your shoulders or arms would be, people would not consider your physique impressive and would just focuss on your belly fat.

Abdominal Workout – The Confidence Boosters.

One benefit from regular abdominal workouts that is seldom mentioned is how it brings you a new level of confidence. I’m sure you have seen it. On the beach, or anywhere, if male abs walk by without a shirt, and he’s got ripped 6 pack abs, just the swagger in his walk indicates he has all the confidence in the world. He knows he looks good, and he knows the ladies think he looks good. This confidence that you gain is a very special trait that abdominal workout can bring to you. Your new level of confidence will carry over in your everyday life at home, at work or at school and definitely in the bedroom.

Over the past 15 years everyone has been getting on the fitness kick. Manufacturers have come up with ab exercise machines to meet the needs of the new age health nut. The convenience and variety these machines have brought to the world of fitness have made the whole country jump on the band wagon. There’s nothing like climbing stairs on a StairMaster or running a few miles on your new treadmill without leaving the comfort of your home. These machines are really good for burning off the excess belly fat. But what about the new twisting rocking curling swinging ab machine fad of the hour, well you can save your money and just stick to the basic machineless exercises. Stick with these basic exercises for abs and you will be able to develop your 6 pack abs just as fast as the machines claims. With proper diet and nutrition of course.

Fitness – For Superior Sex.

Without a doubt in tense physical training will improve the enjoyment of prolonged and superior sex. sex is an intensely physical act. It requires a great deal of muscles, resilience and perspiration. The more physically fit one is, the more sex one will enjoy. A study at the University of California was conducted in which it compared men who exercised regularly with men who didn’t exercise regularly. The findings were that the men who were on a regular exercise program about three or four times a week had experienced 30 percent more frequency of sex and orgasm than the couch potatoes, the men who didn’t exercise.

Working out three or four times a week will ensure that your cardiovascular system will have the stamina for long term sex and add hours of pleasure to your love making, so get your body ready for action. Keep those muscles you are developing stretched and flexible. sex requires a lot of different muscles working together for a common purpose. If they are tight and rigid, they can pull during your sexual contortions. Tone your muscles and they will help you perform those physical sexual activities like a pro.

A regular fitness program will raise your energy level, give you more confidence, and make you more attractive to the opposite sex. Remember sex and exercise go hand in hand, one compliments the other. Always include some aerobic activities in your fitness program. They will get your heart and lungs pumping and blowing and give you plenty of endurance for those love making marathons.

So there you have it one more reason to work the abs. Trust me, nothing make you fell as good as knowing all the health benefits you get from your abdominal workout.

Updated: December 25, 2016 — 7:41 pm

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