Body Toning Exercises For Women

Welcome to Lesson #6 – Body Toning Exercises For Women.

Body toning exercises for women in the form of weight or strength training will not automatically build large bulging muscles.

This is a common myth that a lot of women believe in. Unfortunately this myth deprives them from getting all the benefits that weight training has to offer.

Most women will not bulk up when doing weights especially when they are following a calorie reduced belly fat diet. Building muscle depends on the male hormone testosterone. Every body, men and women, have both estrogen and testosterone; however the average man has about 25 times more testosterone than the average women. But even that amount is not enough to build large muscles in men.

The average male and very few women have the genetics to end up looking like body builders even with high intensity weight training.

Body toning exercises for women offers both psychological and physical health benefits. Once you see how firm your legs are, how tighter and higher your butt is and how those batwings in the back of your arms are gone. It will help give you more confidence as you will look good and you will know it.

That being said you will be amazed at how beneficial a weight routine really is in your quest to lose belly fat and firm women abs. They also have some very significant health benefits.

Benefits Of Body Toning .

Weight training will:

1.Help you lose weight faster. Or eat more without gaining weight. The more muscle you have the more energy you will need to burn to maintain them. Fat is inert but muscles are an active tissue therefore you burn calorie instead of storing them as fat even when you are at rest.

2.Boost your metabolism. Since muscles are an active tissue they can increase your metabolism by up to 15%. This will help you lose weight faster and keep it off.

3.Preserve muscle mass during weight loss. Almost 30% of the weight you lose by dieting is muscle lean tissue, bone and water. Weight training will keep your body strong while helping you loss weight.

4.Increase bone density. As women age they lose bone density which can cause osteoporoses. Women who strength train gained as average of 1% more bone mass in the hip and spine. While those who didn’t exercise lost 2% of their bone mass during the same period. This is according to studies performed at the University of Arizona.

5.Reduces insomnia. Women who strength train report falling asleep quicker, sleeping deeper, waking up less often and slept longer.

6.Maintain a youthful physique. As you age you lose about half pound of muscle every year which can cause skin sag. Body toning exercises for women will help you keep your muscle and skin tone youthful.

7.Reduce the risk of diabetes. Working muscle uses sugar as energy. This reduces your blood sugar levels and can increase the glucose used by your body by up to 23%.

8.Lower blood pressure. Doing weights strengthens the heart allowing it to pump more blood with less effort exerting less stress on your arteries. This can also lower cholesterol.

Building muscles really can improve your quality of life. Not only will it allow you to lose weight quicker but make every day activities such as carrying groceries or lifting and carrying your children a lot easier. Not to mention the confidence you’ll get from looking firm and fit.

If you are not familiar with the basics of strength training then the specially targeted body toning exercises for women reference guide is your basic starting point and will help you lose belly fat like never before so you can show your six pack abs.


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