One Set For Fast Abs Success!

One Set For Fast Abs Success!

6-pack┬áIf there is one great equalizer in life, it is the pressure for time (and wanting fast abs). Everyone rich or poor is allotted 24 hours per day – no more and no less. Not many of us have free time to use at will and very few people have free choice on how to use their time. Finding time to workout each week is a real challenge for almost everybody. Unfortunately, some areas of your life may suffer as a result of the time crunch. Here’s how not to make abs your neglected body part.

Your physique has hundreds of muscles, and you don’t have time to work all of them. Many people hit the major muscle groups giving the body a reasonably good overall workout. Focusing on the main critical areas enables one to train by large groups, back, legs, etc… When time is short and you want to hit your arms hard or pump up your chest, you may relegate your midsection to the back seat. You can easily rationalize skipping abs because they’re tough to train. Fast Abs training hurts! It’s not one of the most enjoyable routines. Skipping good abdominal exercises, however, is a big mistake because the abdominal workout is important for both health benefits and appearance. Your midsection sets the tone for the other areas of your body. Still, selecting which muscles to work under pressure of time is a tough call. Fortunately, we have a way out of this dilemma, the one set – hot abs solution.

Good Abdominal Exercises Using The One Set Abs Method

Can you effectively work the abs with a single set? You can if you understand that a hot looking midsection depends on much more than resistance training. The basics for shaping 6 pack abs are a good diet, exercise to burn off fat, elevation of the metabolism, and direct good abdominal exercises. If you follow these guidelines consistently, you can shape hot abs that look great.

To help even more, most of the other exercises you do involves the abdominal muscles to some extent. If you eat right and get in some aerobics work, your abs will be in good shape even if don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to them. Hitting them hard with one set of resistance fast abs exercise will give you a better flat belly than you ever thought possible.

The key to getting stimulation from a single set fast abs workout is the right type of repetitions. There are many good abdominal exercises, most of which can be fairly successful, but if you have time to get in only one set of abs you want it to be the very best, and the best abdominal exercise for single set use is the partial sit up, also called the half sit up.

Partial Sit Ups For Full Ab Results

The partial sit up is a modified form of the traditional full sit up. Although the full sit up does involve the abdominal muscles to some degree, along with a few other muscle groups, the partial sit up, very focused good abdominal exercises, hits the abs hard and direct. Your midsection has to work hard because of the tight range and the constant tension imposed by partial sit-ups. Do them by lifting your upper body using abdominal strength alone. You can put your hands behind your head or across your chest. Come up half way up, as compared to going all the way up in the full range of the traditional sit up. Do not brace your feet! The effect of not bracing your feet and coming up only part way is to put a stronger stimulation challenge on your abdominal muscles because the constant tension is much tougher than with regular situps. And that is what you want to happen in order to increase the muscle tone in your abs. Do not let your head go all the way to the floor. Keep it slightly elevated, even in the down position, to maintain constant tension on the abdominals.

The partial sit up is not nearly as easy to do as the traditional sit up, but the exact elements that make it tougher to do also make it more effective in getting fast abs into shape. And the tougher, the better. Easy exercises do not produce awesome looking 6 pack – hot abs muscles. As a general rule, the tougher the abdominal exercises is to do, the more belly muscle tone it will positively effect. Remember, you are not doing dozens of sets, just a single set, so you can make it happen even if it’s hard.

High Repetitions For Fast Abs

Use very high reps with the partial sit up. Although most people do most exercises for abs in sets of 10 to 25, your aim is to really blast your abdominals hard with one set because that is all you are doing. Start at a lower range, around 10 reps in the beginning, but from there move up and add reps during every subsequent workout. Aim at getting as high as 50 to 100 nonstop repetitions in this exercise. When you begin, this number will seem high, but you should be able to attain it if you consistently add a rep or two at each fast abs workout.

You can build hot 6 pack abs even with a limited amount of time at your disposal if you use the partial sit up as your ab exercises training tool.

  • Raise your body only partway off the floor.
  • Don’t brace your feet.
  • Don’t let your head go all the way to the floor.
  • Keep constant tension on your abs.
  • Work up to a range of 50 to 100 reps.

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