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Hello and welcome to Flat Stomach Diet – this weeks Belly Fat Grenade – this is Charles Boisvert.

Last time we spoke about the 3 major elements to Burn belly fat.

It’s easy to spend years sweating and struggling and not actually lose any weight.

Or you can jump start your flat belly by learning how to create a flat stomach diet.

I’m delighted that you are here ready these words.

It proves to me that you are one of those rare individuals that is willing to take action in losing your stomach fat.

One of the problems that a lot of people face is called information overload.

It’s a problem I know I’ve faced and I’m sure you have too.

The thing is there are a lot of people who will tell you how to lose weight but not actually explain it to you into a workable and real life way that you can incorporate into your every day.

Belly Fat Grenade will aim to do just that.

I’ll explain to you exactly what I did and still do to this day to keep the weight off.

Flat Stomach Diet To Transform Your Body.

This weeks newsletter is about a lot of people’s favorite subject and pass time: food and eating.

Knowing that your goal is to lose stomach fat and have better health with more energy.

Let’s start with your flat stomach diet and a principal that will help you control your weight and be healthy for the rest of your life!

”What You Put Into Your Body Will Reflect How You Look and How You Feel.”

Bottom Line: the food you eat and its quality is one of the key factors to your good health.

Think of your flat stomach diet as an investment into your well being.

If you can grasp and implement this simple concept, it will bring you the body you’ve always wanted.

The first step in grasping this and transforming your body is to know that HERE there are:

No Diets Here!!!

If you’ve read trough the Guide To Healthy Living you are now starting to understand that your flat stomach diet needs to be a lifestyle choice and not a fly by night fad diet. (if you haven’t got your free copy yet you can download it by clicking here .)

Or if you would like to speed things up and actually see what exactly you need to do.eating-for-abs-sm

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With our Eating For Abs guide you are just going to beEATING – the right foods (and enough of them).

So you won’t be starving but changing your metabolism which will transform your body and improve your health.

Now back to this weeks Belly Fat Grenade.

Wait – Don’t Eat yet…

I know you’re anxious to get started.

But before you start swinging your forks and spoons, let me first tell you –

What types of diets don’t work and then I’ll explain why.

What Types of Diets Don’t Work.

If you’ve struggled like me, you’ve probably tried one, two or more of these flat stomach diet.

At one point I was combining three of these to try and get results!

These types flat stomach diets don’t work:

  • Rapid weight los plans
  • Starvation diets
  • Extremely low calorie diets
  • Liquid diets – lemonade or juice
  • Scale diets – complicated diets where you need to know food portions, sizes, scale and 3 years of college to keep track of everything.
  • High carbs diets
  • Diets that don’t preserve muscle mass
  • Diets to take into consideration the digestive system

Let me now bring something to your attention:

I’m sure you’ve heard from government agencies and health professional that high carb diets will help you lose weight because they say dietary fat is the problem.

Well here’s an interesting, verifiable fact:

Over the last ten years, Americans have lowered their average fat consumption by 25%. But at the same time, the rate of overweight people has increase by 33%!

If high carbs diet worked, well the rate of overweight people would not have increased.

The truth is High Carbs diets will make you fat!

Australian researchers have also link high carbs flat stomach diet to other health problems like high cholesterol, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Let me just say that our Eating For Abs guide is not a high fat – no carbs diet, but a nutritional plan that helps to restore the bodies natural balance, so you can enjoy carbs.

It will educate you so you can enjoy food you’ve been told to avoid when trying to lose stomach fat.

Why Diets Don’t Work.

Most flat stomach diet fail because:

  1. They cause you to lose muscle with the fat. This slows down your metabolism.
  2. They focus on losing weight instead of body fat.A lot of it is water weight and again you lose muscles.
  3. They don’t address your bodies natural balance or correct hormone imbalance.
  4. They don’t correct your digestive system.

Most low calorie flat stomach diet can reduce your metabolism by as much as 30%. This will leave you feeling tired and run down.

This is caused by the loss of lean muscle tissue. Lean muscle increases your metabolism and you burn more fat.

Plus, your vital organs are made of lean muscle tissue. Your heart is your leanest muscle.

So do you really want to lose your lean muscle tissue on a diet? Oh NO, NO, NO!!!

But most flat stomach diets do just that, which is why people commonly experience the Yo-Yo syndrome – gaining back more weight than you lost (usually mostly fat).

This is worst than not dieting at all!

Flat Stomach Diet That Does Work

I’m sure you’ve heard this before: You are what you eat”.

Well, to transform your body into the body you want, and to discover why it is where it is, you only need to know about three types:

  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates – Complex, fibrous and simple
  • Fats – Both Saturated and Unsaturated

I’ll cover all of these in future newsletters as this one (again:P ) is running a bit long.

O.K. a flat stomach diet that works consist of eating foods with low Glycemic Index and eating more high fibre foods.

When I first started following a low Glycemic plan I experienced fast and extraordinary weight loss and health improvement.

My body was transforming quick.

Combined with my exercise program (which I will cover in the next Belly Fat Grenade) I experienced:

  • Increase in lean muscle tissue
  • My blood sugar stabilized – I felt more energized
  • It cleansed my body – That was the fibre 🙂
  • My digestion improved – No more heart burn

I felt so good and looked even better.

And I’m not just talking about the weight loss. My face looked healthier, especially my eyes.

That’s why I designed my Eating For abs nutrition guide to be geared towards:

  1. Burn belly fat
  2. Improve your overall health
  3. Improve your metabolism and energy
  4. Build muscle and transform your body
  5. Restore your bodies natural balance

Ultimatly to show you what foods you should avoid for long term weight loss success.

Low Glycemic Index

Basically low Glycemic Index foods will not breakdown fast and convert to sugar spiking your insulin level. Leaving you to feel the “sugar crash”.

Your body can control and digest these foods better alloy it to process them better.

My meal plan was made up of at least on protein source at every meal, one low glycemic index and one medium glycemic food.

I avoided high Glycemic Index foods but you won’t have to. Let me explain:

When you combine high GI foods with a low GI source it will help to slow down the breakdown of the food thus lowering its GI value.

Remember when I said you can eat what you want but in the right amounts.

I also included a “day off” a week where I ate what I had been craving all week, within reason.

But it is very important that you do not eat just to eat during this cheat meal.

It should be because you are hungry for it and you want to reward yourself for being good all week.

After about three weeks, I found myself not even doing the “off day” anymore. I didn’t crave those foods anymore.

They actually made me feel like crap. Once they were my comfort food but they didn’t make me feel good at all.

I noticed I was tired all day and the day after, so I stopped.

Here are the guidelines I followed:

  1. I ate every 5 or 6 small meals a day – spaced out about 2 ½ hours apart.
  2. I had a protein at every meal
  3. I Had a fibre source at every meal
  4. I didn’t eat at least 2 hours before bed.
  5. My breakfast was my biggest meal
  6. My dinner was my smallest.
  7. I included a carb source at 3 of my 6 meals
  8. I drank a minimum of 10 glasses a water a day

In future issues of this newsletter I will go more in depth into my flat stomach diet plan that I used.

Because this page is running long and I don’t want to overwhelm you by what you think you still have to learn about eating right.

Remember, losing weight is a lifestyle and not a quick fix.

You may feel you lack the knowledge but you know more now than most people ever bother to learn.

You may not think so but you will see…

Don’t let what you think you don’t know stop you from starting on your way to your flat stomach goal.

You are laying a proper foundation that most people who don’t lose weight will bother doing.

This will prove invaluable in your weight loss success!

See you in a few days,

Yours in Health,
Charles Boisvert

P.S. If you have any questions so far, please feel free to email me at: support@flat-belly-exercies.com

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