Muscular Sideburns For Getting Hot Abs

Muscular Sideburns For Getting Hot Abs

Most bodybuilders and fitness competitors train for hot abs on a regular basis. The usual routine is to sit at an ab crunch machine and move the torso up and down like a plastic woodpecker at a water bowl.

Perhaps the most creative sort will attach a two-sided rope to a high cable pulley and kneel down in prayer, beseeching the heavens for nice abs through this one monotonous exercise.

Unfortunately, unless there is a lot of twisting and turning going on, only central 6 pack abs will evolve. That’s like eating a yolk and discarding the egg white! There is a lot more to hot abs development than just working the abdominal region, and it behooves the competitive bodybuilder to include a number of abdominal exercises that focus on the intercostals, serratus, and obliques to gain a competitive edge.

The torso is a palette of muscles. Diagonally and lengthwise, the serratus, obliques, and intercostals muscles run across the torso, creating an aesthetic pattern of power and protection. This supporting wall corrals all of the internal organs and delicate bone structure of the ribcage. It must, therefore, maintain its protective integrity through a conglomerate of long and short muscles. Interwoven like a honeycomb.

Details are what separate average from hot abs, which may appear similar to the untrained eye. An expertly cut and flawless one karat diamond is worth ten times what the same rock with a flaw will fetch. So it goes with abs as well.

The serratus, obliques, and intercostals are muscles often neglected in training, even though they are an important part of aesthetic for both the stage-bound bodybuilder and the beach body aspirant of hot abs.

The Serratus – The serratus anterior, as it is often called, is a small sheath of muscles that lies between the ribs and the scapula. It can be seen just under, and to the side of, the pectorals. The serratus meets the intercostal at an apex, its widest point just under the armpit. The intercostals lace in underneath the serratus like folded hands. The function of the serratus muscles is to rotate the scapula, raise the point of the shoulder, and draw the scapula forward and downward. Exercises that work the serratus are usually crunch type movements that begin with a wider grip if hanging or more true side to side rotating if sitting.

The Obliques – AKA love handles are long bands of muscles running along each side of the torso from the midpoint of the rib cage down to the hip bone. They encase the abdominal wall as they attach from the lower eight ribs to an insertion on the side of the pelvis. The primary function of the obliques is to move the body from side to side, but they are also responsible for helping the body to twist using the torso as an axis. The exercises for love handles involve twisting. Many of them benefit the intercostals as well.

The Intercostals – The are made up of two or three thin sheets of muscular tendons occupying the spaces between the ribs. they are the muscles that are found beneath the pecs and over to the side of the upper abdominal wall, lacking in just underneath the serratus. The function of the intercostals is to lift the ribs and draw them together into a protective membranous honeycomb. Many abdominal exercises, twisting movements and crunch-twist combinations hit the intercostal area.

Exercises For Hot Abs.

Any abdominal routine worth its salt will include a variety of exercises for the intercostals, obliques, and serratus. These muscles aren’t necessarily addressed in the standard forward crunch routine but are of equal importance to the competitive bodybuilder for hot abs. Abdominals are fairly easily built and revealed (if an individual has followed his abs diet properly), but displaying an actual hot looking midsection is a definite advantage. Remember, a judges eye goes straight to the abs first. For that reason, the mainstay of an abdominal routine should really include more work on the three outlying muscle groups that surround the 6 pack abs.

However, it is important to be mindful of the width of the waist at all times. Many twisting movements executed without a good mind-muscle connection and conscientious training can wreak havoc on the aesthetics and proportions of a waistline. When doing any twisting movements, try to isolate only the muscles you intend to work to prevent haphazard results.

Here are the best exercises that isolate the serratus, intercostals, and obliques.

The Serratus – Hanging Bent-knee Leg-raise Crunches. Take a wide palms-forward grip and hang onto a chin-up bar. Bending the knees, slowly swing the legs up to one side, feeling the serratus muscles stretch. Contract the serratus to the maximum. It is important to bring the legs to each side deliberately – try not to swing them back and forth. If possible, bring your knees up to your chest, although this is not necessary to get the job done.

The Intercostals – Twisting Sit-Ups. Lying on the floor in sit-up position, with the knees bent tucking the hands behind the neck, elbows around the head, lift the head slightly. Twist the left elbow and upper torso to meet the right knee, or as close as possible. Bring the right elbow to meet the left knee, alternating with each setup. try to keep a constant tension on the abs and intercostals at all times by never allowing the head and upper back to contact the floor.

The Obliques – Seated Twists. Seated on the high end of an incline bench, with feet tucked under the circular padding below, take a wide grip of a dowel (or stick apparatus of some sort) behind the neck. Rounding the back slightly, lean back just a bit and begin to twist. Swing only the shoulders in one direction, being careful to keep your seat while doing so. Pick up the pace as you start to feel the obliques contracting. Here are some tips on how to get rid of love handles.

In Conclusion…..

Though there is no such thing as spot reduction per se, it is possible to appear leaner in the abdominal region. This is achieved by regular ab exercise, being consistent, and by following a clean diet which is low in fat and sugars. Most folks who exercise don’t carry an overabundance of body fat in the midsection. But even if you do carry a bit more than average, building hot abs, serratus and intercostals can diminish the appearance of fat by allowing the tissue on top of it to look much smoother, and in this case, smooth is a good thing.

These abdominal exercises should serve as all the tools you’ll ever need to fully develop hot abs. As a bodybuilder or fitness competitor, it is absolutely necessary to develop more than just nice abs. Although the freak factor in the world of bodybuilding is normally associated with other body parts, razor sharp quads or mountainous biceps, you’ll stand out in any lineup with outstandingly developed abdominals. So stop sitting on that ab crunch machine chatting your time away and start getting creative. Use variations of the very basic, age-old exercises and you’ll be a winner no matter what your standing.

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