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Todays lesson discusses how to burn belly fat in women using cardio and the benefits you might not know it contains.

Are you cheating yourself of getting your six pack abs as fast as you could by neglecting cardio exercise. Cardio is the cornerstone of getting physically fit.

What Is Cardio Exercises?

For any activity to be considered cardio exercise it must continuously use large muscle groups rhythmically and elevate the heart rate.

It must also increase the breathing rate for a sustained period. The increase in the breathing and heart rate is cause by an increase in demand for blood and oxygen to the working muscles.

Everyday you can perform cardio exercises by simply taking the stairs instead of the elevator riding a bike to work or running with your dog.

Dancing, walking, jogging, rollerblading and swimming are also good examples on how to burn belly fat.

The Benefits Of Cardio Exercises.

Cardio exercise improves your cardiovascular system by strengthening your heart and lungs.

When you exercise your heart beats faster and your lungs pump harder in order to feed more oxygen and blood to your working muscles.

This also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, burns body fat including visceral belly fat increase muscle response and endurance and makes your bones strong.

You’ll have a healthy heart and catch your breath easier.

Every woman regardless of age or weight will benefit from cardio exercise. It can help reduce, the risk of illness and even premature death not to mention it is the best way on how to burn belly fat.

New To Cardio.

If you’re new to cardiovascular program it can be painful if you over do it and don’t follow these basic tips from our NEW Ultimate Belly Fat Burning Guide for Women Abs.

It is very important to warm up not only for your safety but it will help you enjoy your workout.

Warming up gradually gets your cardiovascular and respitory systems ready for the increase demand by slowly increasing the blood flow to your muscle.

It also raises your body temperature and increases oxygen in the blood.

Also by increasing the blood flow it washes away the waste products produced by your working muscle that can contribute to sore and stiff muscle the next day or two.

The extra blood delivers more oxygen which can reduce the soreness even more.

It also warms up your connective tissues helping them handle the stress of exercise. The increase in temperature makes them more flexible reducing the risk of injury.

Warm up exercises should be done slower and at a lower impact that your routine. Elliptical machine stationary bike or rowing machine can warm up the muscle with very low stress on the joints.

How much? How long? How often?.

Your target should be 3 times a week. Always give your self at least one day off of exercise per week.

Cardio exercise should alternate between a moderate level and an intense level. These are called intervals.

This is the ideal level on how to burn belly fat and promote weight loss plus increase the health benefits.

The target heart rate is between 60 and 85% of your maximum.

If you’re a beginner gradually work on getting your heart and breathing rate up. Start by walking for 10 minutes the first couple of times then 15, 20 and 30 minutes. When you can easily perform at 30 minutes increase your intensity.

Each workout should be at least 20 minutes long. Working your way up to 30 minutes. Once you build up your endurance you can do 60 minutes per day by either doing three 20 minute session or six 10 minutes session.

Newbie Frustrations.

A lot of women think that exercise will give them a lot of energy the first few times. This is a misconception.

Exercise will give you a shot of energy but it will take at least three weeks for this to happen.

At the beginning your body is adapting to the added stress which can have you feeling drained and fatigued.

But don’t give up, your cardiovascular system is getting stronger and healthier which will eventually give you more energy and mental focus trough out the day.

Soreness also causes women to give up. Especially if they over do it.

You can avoid this by warming up before and cooling down in the same way after.

Adequate rest, good nutrition and water will help reduce the stiffness and soreness. Doing low impact exercise and stretching will help pump blood into the muscle and flush away painful waste products.

Drinking plenty of water is also very important when you exercise.

Because your body loses a lot of hydration when you sweat, active people should drink 10-12 glasses of water a day on top of what you drink during your workout.

This not only will help you avoid dehydration which can bring cramping and headaches but will keep your joints and muscles moving smoothly.

Eventually you’re cardio level will be high enough and you will want to incorporate anaerobic exercise into your routine on how to burn belly fat.

Anaerobic exercise is a bit more difficult. This is going all out for short burst of energy. Like the 100 meter sprint.

You will want to incorporate several training methods like intervals, continuous, cross and circuit training to avoid plateau.

With today’s hectic schedule, there’s work, the kids, taking care of the home it’s important for women to make the most of your workout time.

Our new book combines carefully sequenced routines with scientifically proven effective workouts for women which will be a huge asset on How to burn belly fat.

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