Interval Training For A Flat Belly

Interval Training

What is interval training? Simply put, it is a method that adds intensity and efficiency to your workout. Meaning you will burn more calories while spending less time exercising.

If you are looking for the best cardio workout and a way to burn more belly fat, then interval fitness training is the way to go.

Once believed that only athletes and advanced hardcore cardio buff should perform them, exercisers at any fitness level can benefit from the fat burning efficiency of interval training.

So What Is Interval Training?

It is the alternating of intense activity with lighter activity during a workout cycle.

For example, during your regular walk, you would walk at a faster speed for 60 seconds then slow down for 60 seconds then walk fast again. You repeat this without resting in between the intense and low intensity. That’s what intervals are.

Or if you are on an elliptical machine, work at a hard pace then instead of stopping or resting to catch your breath simply slow down to an easier pace until you can start up hard again. This will burn more calories in less time. That’s because when you work harder it challenges the body, makes your heart stronger and consequently, burns more belly fat.

Why Add Intervals To Your Workout

Besides the fat burning benefits, they can help you break through plateaus if you’re in a rut and your not losing fat anymore. And they will get you in shape faster bringing you to the next fitness level.

When you always do the same exercises, your body adapts to it and gets comfortable which is why you’re not making progress anymore. But with interval training, you will challenge your body in a new way making it work and respond again.

Plus, when you see you’re losing weight again, you will find new motivation. Intervals can also be performed in any workout like running, cycling, swimming, and walking. And on any machine including the treadmill, rowing machine, the elliptical and stationary bike always keeping your fitness routine fresh and fun.

Another benefit, as I said earlier, interval training gets you in shape and builds your endurance faster making your workouts feel easier. And during intense activity, your muscles get sore due to the waste product they produce. But with the alternating intense to easier it flushes your muscles eliminating the waste product reducing muscle stiffness making your routine more comfortable.

Can anyone Do Them?

Yes, anyone can do them, from beginners to advanced, you just need to adjust them to your level. You pick the intensity and length.

Today, you might feel like performing 30 seconds burst of intensity, the next workout it could be 60 seconds, it’s up to you. You can even vary the next time in the same workout, one burst at 30 seconds and the next at 90 seconds.

However, if you have a specific belly fat loss goal, you might want to use a more scientific approach. A complete program like Turbulence Training will take all the guess work out of your training.

Interval Fitness Training Workout

When you do interval workouts, it is important to warm up. Spend about 5 to 10 minutes as you would for any other workout. This prepares your body and helps avoid injury.

To do interval fitness training you must first decide how you are going to do it. What method are you going to use to create more intensity – speed or an incline. Next, you must decide when you will work hard and when you will slow down. For example, if you are walking outside, you can use trees or houses as starting and cut off points.

I recommend using timed intervals. Beginners usually start with a 30-90 split. This means you train hard for 30 seconds then slow down for 90 seconds.

For an ultimate fat burning workout do a 60-120 split. Working hard for 60 seconds will deplete stored glycogen. Your muscles will be completely out of energy resulting in burning fat for energy speeding up weight loss.

Depending on your fitness level aim at performing between 5 and no more than 12 interval cycles in your workout. You can alter the length of each cycle as you see fit.

What intensity should you use? You should be breathing hard with and increase heart rate. The last few seconds of your cycle should be hard to complete but if you feel you are going to pass out or feel nausea you are working too hard.

And if you are still breathing hard after your slow cycle then takes the time you need to recover. Speed it up again when you feel ready.

Beginners should start by doing jogging for 60 seconds then walk for 120 seconds.

Intermediate can run hard for 30 seconds then jog for 60 seconds.

Advanced can run hard for 60 seconds then jog for 60 seconds.

To get the most from you workout with these interval training tips.

Risks Of Interval Training

It is important to consult your physician before starting an interval training program as they are not for everyone. People with a chronic health condition or sedentary people (out of shape) should get the doctors O.K. to start.

Start out slow and work your way up. If you do too much too fast you risk injuring your tendons, muscles, and even your bones.

As you feel yourself getting into better shape and your stamina improves, go a little harder. This will always keep your body challenged and avoid hitting plateaus due to adaptation.

Training For A Flat Belly

As I stated earlier, Interval Training has been proven to be the best fat burning workout you can do. Helping you to reach your weight loss goals fast.

Which is why developing your abdominal muscles as you lose the fat is important if you want to see those 6 pack abs.

You need a complete program that will cut down on your workout time, burn belly fat fast and develop and tone your abs. We here at Flat Belly Exercises recommend the Turbulence Training For Abs program.

It combines the best abdominal exercises, bodyweight exercises so you get that toned and fit look, and interval training to burn fat all over.

See my Turbulence Training For Abs program review.

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