Male Abs Workout – Weighted Vs Non-Weighted

Whether to train your male abs with a weighted routine or not should be determined by common sense, not half haphazard training practices. In choosing a method that both suits you and is logical you should always assess all the facts.

There are two school of thought when it comes to working out guys abs. The first says using the heaviest weight possible is required to build ripped washboard abs. Proponents of this approach contend the abdominal muscles are fixed , so they can’t become overblown or overgrown because they have nowhere to go.

The other camp, those who believe using weight to exercise their abs is a no-no, says: “Never train your abs with weights, If you do you’ll have a waistline like a whale.” This exercise bluster originates mostly in myth, but a lot of the hype on either side comes from making too many assumptions and a handful of loose associations.

We see someone in the gym who has ripped male abs. For one reason or another this guys abs are doing rope crunches with a ton of weight on the stack, and his waist is tiny, tiny, tiny. Naturally we might assume: rope crunches…ripped abs…good. The next day we may see a wide waist guy in the gym doing the same abdominal exercises and conclude: rope crunches…bloated waist…bad. Which do we believe? well, it has to be one or the other, right? Wrong!

Inferring one fact from looking at another is simply faulty logic. It’s almost like saying: a dog has four legs and so does a chair, so a dog must be a chair. We all know that is ridiculous. Why then do we make loose associations like that in the gym? Probably because we have no idea what the answer to that dilemma is so we have to choose a side and let the chips fall where they may.

I Want Male Abs, Which Do I Use?

Find the answer to that question, and there probably wouldn’t be asymmetrical men abs on the stage again! Unfortunately the solution isn’t that simple. Getting to the heart of the matter only means splitting hairs further, and splitting hairs makes people more confused and disillusioned.

The answer is to use both weighted and non weighted abdominal exercises. You should follow a complete program of bodyweight exercises, strength exercises and intervals to burn your belly fat.

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Those who say using heavy weights is best for ab development are trying to substitute weight for intensity. Conversely, when someone advocates using no weights, he is implying intensity makes up for a lack of weight. Both of them are correct.

Using a weighted routine as a substitute for intensity is as beneficial as using a routine which derives its intensity from duration and number of repetitions. Although some athletes and experts feel heavy weights are unnecessary, they can contribute to your overall look. An advantage if you are a competitive bodybuilder. Those early stages of building a foundation are crucial times. Using weights to build a little density in the abdominal muscle walls isn’t a bad idea, and may be just what you need to attract the attention of the judges.

The problem with using weights in an abs workout, however, is the risk of building more than you bargain for. In the off season, when the waist isn’t tight and the body is carrying excess weight, the abdominal muscles strain during exercises like the squat, leg press, deadlift and the bench press.

Adding weight during abdominal workouts further exacerbates the situation and makes the waist swell during periods of intense growth. Enhancing pharmaceuticals, food supplements, compound the problem, for they are unforgiving to the male abs that aren’t kept tight and in check.

Male Abs – Moderation Is The Key.

Moderation truly is the key to male abs development. Either using weights too often or not using weights at all can skew the appearance of the abs unfavorably. Instead of using heavy weights to get fast abs, you can burn the abdominals into submission with lighter weights.

No matter which approach you take, the abs need to be worked with both high intensity and high repetition. If you can withstand this pace while using weights, you can increase the intensity, but only if you are willing to keep the same pace going that you would use without weights.

While heavy weight may create intensity, it can’t replace what high reps burn out can do. Try to regularly alternate a combination workout, some male abs exercises with weights and some without weights.

Weighted or non weighted ab routines aside, no progress ever happens with the abdominals if you don’t follow a few simple rules for

Male Abs Example Routine.

Here’s a routine that offers the best of both training methods. Try to regularly alternate a combination workout with a completely non-weighted workout at least once a month. When you are ready to get some definition in your abs do only non-weighted exercises with higher reps.

1. Bicycle crunches – 3 sets of 15-20 reps

2. Weight assited ball crunches – 3 sets of 10-12 reps

3. Kneeling rope crunches – 3 sets of 10-12 reps.

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Weighted or non weighted ab routines aside, no progress ever happens with the abdominals if you don’t follow a few simple rules for male abs.


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