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Learn How You Can Lose Your Belly Fat And Develop A Set Of Rock Hard Six Pack Abs Faster Than You Could Ever Dream Of!

  • Let me show you how I lost 30 pounds of ugly fat in less than 60 days…
  • And how a 38 year old man lost his beer belly and finally uncovered a sexy muscular body.

… and like me, you’ll finally be confident enough and actually look forward to taking your shirt off at the beach by using the same unique training techniques and nutritional principal that I used


Once you start losing your belly using these little known tricks that build muscles and boost your metabolism Women will want to sneak peaks at your hard chiseled abs that are Finally starting to peak through what used to be a fat beer belly.

By Charles Boisvert – Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist.

Dear frustrated friend,

I can call you frustrated friend because I understand exactly how you feel as I’m sure we’ve probably had the same experiences.

Tried every ab exercise, been on dozens of fad diets, tried these magic supplements and those bogus pills that claim to target belly fat.

You’ve even done hours upon hours of boring cardio to get your flat belly.

Yet you still carry around a spare tire around your waist covering up what you know are six pack male abs underneath there somewhere.

I’ve felt that pain and frustration too.

Well…Let me just Say…

This is YOUR time… No more excuses!

If your lazy this may not be for you.

If You’re Simply Unmotivated – Please Stay – Here’s why…

The unique system that I’m about to show you is so easy and effective that once you start using it and see how fast you’re making progress…

You’ll Automatically Be Motivated.

You’ll know right away that you’re Finally doing something that actually works.

Keep reading to discover the real way to get your flat belly.

If you’re still reading it shows that you are ready to get your male abs but you might not be sure you can.

Let me tell you what I realized and what you need to realize right now…

YOU CAN get the kind of abs you think you’ll never get in this lifetime.

By discovering this easy and unique system that will speed up your metabolism.

And ignite your own body’s Fat Burning Hormones to finally melt off your belly fat and get a set of six pack abs that will have all the ladies checking YOU out!

And you’ll discover this flat belly system right here on this page.

Surveys Prove That The Body Part Women Voted To Be The Most Sexy Are Male Abs.

Did you know that women voted over 2 to 1 that male abs are the sexiest body part over biceps and almost 3 to 1 over pecs.

But as you know most men do not have a body fat level low enough to see their abs. Even guys that workout regularly are never going to see their ab muscles because of their excess belly fat.

Unless they change some important aspects of their training that I’ll show you.

Most guys that workout are normally big and bulky but lean and ripped guys are few and far between. which is actually fortunate for you because I’ll show you how you can get those six pack abs that make women melt and make you stand out from the crowd.

This is actually fortunate for you because I’ll show you how you can get those six pack abs that make women melt and make you stand out from the crowd.

Almost 90% of women surveyed prefer a man that is lean and athletic over big and bulky.

The Ultimate Belly fat Burning Guide To Six Pack Abs is focused on maximizing your muscle mass while at the same time stripping off your belly fat.

Giving you the kind of body women dream of.

Making Simple Changes Will Drastically Transform Your Body.

I’m sure you’re NOT happy doing the same old exercises that give you no results.

Even doubling you efforts will not burn more belly fat.

But instead it’ll be a waste of your time.

Time you could be using doing what it really takes to get flat sexy six pack male abs.

But if you’re happy with not losing your belly fat that’s covering your abs.

Then move on to the next bogus “overnight abs” website.

Only keep reading if you really want to know the real way to a flat belly and ripped muscular abs.

You see I too struggles with my belly fat.

I had been frustrated for years and even been scammed by unscrupulous marketers selling garbage that did nothing to transform my body except to lighten my wallet.

But when I finally discovered the secret to burning belly fat. I decide to create this website.

I want to help people and stop them from wasting their hard earned money on so called miracle products and quick fixes.

Stop Wasting Your Money!

My name is Charles Boisvert and I’m the author of this unique system that will reveal the truth about belly fat and how to get rid of it.

I’ve helped thousands around the world finally end their frustration.

But this page is not about me – It’s about helping you.

These big fitness companies have mislead all of us.

They’ve been constantly lying to us trying to sell us the next quick fix promising you the male abs you’ve always wanted.

Their infomercials have us believing that these useless abs gizmos will burn your belly fat while you sit in front of the T.V.

Or try to push overpriced, useless supplements that claim to target your belly fat while you keep eating what you want.

Stop Getting Scammed And Mislead.

Like I said earlier, I too fell victims to these scams.

Embarrassingly I actually have two of these useless abs gizmos collecting dust in my basement.

And I can’t even remember how many supplements I tried.

So I know first hand how easy it is to fall victim to their clever marketing.

I’ve spent thousands on these scams every time hoping that this one will work.

But none of these magically transformed my body like they claimed or burn 400% more fat than exercises and diet – Yeah Right!

Some of these supplements actually made me Gain Weight.

So What Does It Really Take To Get A Flat Belly?

When I finally made the choice to stop being taken for a fool by these bogus products.

I decided to stop looking for the next quick fix and started researching everything I could get my hands on regarding burning belly fat and developing lean six pack male abs.

My research led me to a meeting with a top sports doctor (who works with top Olympic and pro athletes) and two of the top weight loss expert in the industry.

When I incorporated what they had thought me with what I had learned over the years my body began to transform – Fast!

After discovering that these techniques worked on me, I started to train all my friends.

I also took on several clients to test and refine my new system with real people.

I wanted to find out what worked, what didn’t work and what worked fast.

When I tallied all my results, I decided to share them with everyone in this website and in my New Ultimate Belly Fat Burning Guide To Six Pack Abs.

Read what people are saying about this popular program.

How Is This Program Different From Every Other Program?

Let me get straight to the point as to why our guide is one of the most effective program to get rid of stubborn belly fat and develop your abdominals and why it’s the most convenient out there.

  1. Well for starter, it is a true home workout program.

Unlike other programs that claim to be a home program but then you need a bunch of equipment to perform all the exercises in a workout.

This program can be performed regardless of the equipment you have.

It contains a full bodyweight workout (no equipment needed), a dumbbell workout (no bench needed), a stability ball workout and a combination workout for guys who have access to dumbbells and a stability ball.

All the workouts come with a beginner, intermediate and advance level giving you more than a years worth of fat burning, muscle building workouts.

And every workout has been designed to maximize muscle building and fat loss regardless of the workout you choose.

  1. It doesn’t revolve around abdominal exercises.

A lot of people (and trainers) waste too much doing ab exercises to try and get a flat belly Instead of burning the fat that covers them.

Truth is, abdominal exercises are the least effective way to flatten your stomach.

They DO NOT burn fat at all.

Burning belly fat can only be accomplished by using full body exercises routine which will boost your metabolism and keep your body burning calories long after your workout is over.

This is the main focus of the Ultimate Belly Fat Burning Guide for Six Pack Abs.

  1. You DO NOT need some diet supplement or follow some fad diet trend for this program to work.

Let’s get one thing straight right now: 95% of diet pills and supplements don’t work and won’t create any noticeable change in your body.

And as far as fad diets go, those starvation diets actually damage your metabolism and Stops your body from burning fat as energy.

And once you go off that diet and start eating again (and you will), you will gain more weight and it will unfortunately be targeted around the waistline.

One of the bonuses included with our guide is our Eating For Abs nutritional guide.

It is based on the science of the Glycemic Index and has been proven time and time again to help you lose fat without starving yourself.

The great thing is that it’s so easy to follow you’ll enjoy eating again not to mention all the extra energy you’ll have.

It also comes with a seven day meal plan and a calorie breakdown of over 300 foods.

How Else Can This System Give You Lean Hard Six Pack Abs

Here are even more Powerful and Unique Benefits…

Wait! I’m Not Done Yet…

We all know that belly fat increases your RISK of diabetes, heart disease and strokes.

So I won’t get into why getting in the best shape of your life is beneficial tom your health.

Our Ultimate Belly Fat Burning Guide To Six Pack Abs will Transform your body fast…and keep it that way…

Plus – There are a lot more specific benefits that comes with our 45 minute system.

By now I hope you’re starting to see that this is a unique and effective program.

It doesn’t come with any gimmicks, gizmos or pills.

Just the proven facts and methods that have helped thousands finally get rid of their belly fat and develop a muscular and sexy waistline.

I also hope that you’re realizing that you don’t need to buy useless and expensive pills or contraptions.

All you need is good old everyday food – no starvation diets here – Combined with scientifically proven exercise techniques.

My Guarantee To You…

One very important thing I learned and that I had to overcome is if you don’t TAKE ACTION you’ll NEVER get rid of that extra belly fat.

I want you to finally take action today and finally learn the real way to train and eat so that you can lose the weight.

But most importantly these methods are so easy to incorporate in your lifestyle that you won’t just lose the weight, you will KEEP IT OFF!

Because I want to encourage you to take action.

I’m also offering a NO RISK 100% money back guarantee.

You’ll have 60 days to try the program and if you don’t see your body transform as fast as you want it to.

I will give you a full refund – No questions asked.

You have a full 8 weeks to view and try the program for yourself, be sure and take before and after pictures of yourself so I can post them on this site. If you are not completely satisfied and melting away your fat to finally see the abs you knew were there, I will give you a full, prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked, it’s that simple.

How can I offer an unconditional money back guarantee.

Well, there are two reasons.

#1 – I am so confident that this program WILL WORK for you that once you see your belly fat seemingly melting away faster than you ever thought possible.

You will be 100% satisfied.

#2 – I really want to help you by encouraging you to Take Action and make a change in your life.

It really DID improve my quality of life and I want the same for everyone.

If you don’t believe me, just email me any questions you have (any questions at all) and I’ll answer you within 24 hours. Email me at charles at

BUT WAIT! There’s Even More.

Just take a look at all you’ll get.

Including some very valuable Bonuses that I manage to secure for you absolutely FREE!

Here’s What You’ll Get

1. The Ultimate Belly Fat Burning Guide for Six Pack Abs.

This guide will incinerate body fat in less than 45 minutes per workout only 3 times a week. It includes:

– 65 pages crammed with beginner, intermediate and advanced workout in each of the following:

  • Bodyweight Workout
  • Dumbbell Workout
  • Stability Ball Workout
  • Bodyweight, dumbbell and stability Ball Workout Combination.

Giving you more than 52 weeks worth of fat burning workouts. It also comes with Detailed Pictures and Description of every exercises featuring our unique never before released total body exercises that boost metabolism, builds muscle and torches body fat.

All this without doing a single crunch, it truly is a no crunch male abs routine.

2. Free Bonus #1 – Eating For Abs Nutritional Guide.

This belly fat burning meal plan will take the guess work out of what and when to eat.


Following this plan is easy and will boost your metabolism making it easier for you to reach your weight loss goals.


Based on the science of the Glycemic Index this guide will show you how to meet your specific needs by choosing foods that burns fat and will keep you lean for life.

3. Free Bonus #2 – A FREE copy of Kim Lyons NEW DVD – The 5 Keys To Guaranteed Fat Loss!

For a limited time only, with the purchase of every Ultimate Belly Fat Burning Guide for Six Pack Abs package, you will get a free copy of this amazing DVD!

You might remeber Kim as the no nonsense trainer on Season 3 and 4 of the biggest loser, NBC’s hit weight loss show. She’s also appeared on countless fitness and health magazines.


Her DVD contains very valuable fat loss secrets and nutrition strategies. It is valued at $42.99 but for a limited time you will receive it with your purchase of The   Ultimate Belly Fat Burning Guide for Six Pack Abs . It also comes with the Fast track meal planner as a bonus .


Plus, I’ll give you exclusive access to her membership site that includes fat loss recipes, exercises, video tips and a very supportive community you can chat with. But the best part is you get to chat with Kim Lyons herself.


The total retail value of this package is $79.00 but you’ll get it FREE if you pick your Ultimate Belly Fat Burning Guide for Six Pack Abs  program today!

4. Free Bonus # 3 –  2 of Craig Ballantynes Turbulence Training Workout.

Craig Ballantynes is a world class trainer and is offering two of his best selling books for free with the purchase of my package.


The original 4 week Bodyweight Turbulence Training Workout is designed to burn fat while building muscle using only bodyweight movements. Great for working out at home or in a hotel room when you are on the road.


Plus, you get the Turbulence Training Hot Zone for Fat Loss . This guide will show you how 4 simple exercises hit all the fat burning hot zones of the body and will help boost your metabolism so you burn even more fat.


Together these books are valued at $49.90 but you’ll get them for free when you order.


So How Much Is All This Worth?

The Ultimate Belly Fat Burning Guide For Six PAck Abs Retail
Bonus #1: Eating for Abs Nutrition Guide Retail
Bonus #2: kim Lyon’s DVD pack Retail
Bonus #3: 2 Turbulence Training Workout Books Retail
Total Package Value: $189.79

As you can see the bonuses alone are worth over $159.00.

But I wanted to make the program affordable to everyone.

How affordable?

I am offering the entire package (with all the bonuses) worth over $159.00 for a one time fee of $29.95.

Now remember I guarantee that you’ll have an improved flatter stomach in 8 weeks.

That means this program will only cost you $0.49 a day, that’s less than a cup of coffee to get the body that you want. Now that’s a wise investment.

But Don’t Pay Now – Try It First – Then Decide.

Because you may still be wondering if this program is right for you.

I’ve decide to let you try it – RISK FREE – for 21 days.

You will receive full unlimited access to the program including all the bonuses.

Here’s How It Works.

  1. You will get Full Access to the system for 21 days and you pay nothing but the nominal fee of $4.95.
  2. Start applying the nutrition and exercise program to YOUR lifestyle.
  3. Then, after 21 days, when you see for yourself the quick results you achieved, you pay the remaining one time fee of $25.00.

Don’t Forget – I said No Risk.

I’m also backing up my program with a no risk 60 day money back guarantee.

Click Here To Order The Trial Offer


Click Here To Pay In Full Now!

The above links will take you to our Clickbank guaranteed secure server.

Once you order, you can instantly download the entire package in printable PDF format on your computer.

No physical product will be shipped to you. PDF format will work on Mac or PC and requires Adobe Acrobat PDF reader. I will include a link where you can download it for free if you do not already have it.

Don’t delay as we cannot guarantee how long the free bonuses will be available.

Get started today with your 21 day trial of the Ultimate Belly Fat Burning Guide for Six Pack Abs downloadable package with over $150 worth of FREE bonuses.

Just moments after you order you’ll be able to see for yourself why this program comes so highly recommended by it’s users.

It has helped thousands around the world.

And now it will Help You Too!

Get started today with your very own program.

Yours in health,
Charles Boisvert,

P.S. Even with the 21 day trial offer you will still have the no risk 60 day money back guarantee. If you are not thrilled with your flatter belly and the increased energy from our program in 8 weeks, let me know and I will refund your order. Our goal is that you are 100% satisfied and I guarantee it will work for you.

P.S.S. If you’re sick and tired of wasting countless hours in the gym doing the same workouts with no results. Then use these flat belly exercises to cut down on your workout time, increase your energy, boost your metabolism and lose inches of your waist fast and uncover your rock hard abs.

Order Now and fit into your old clothes again.

Don’t miss out on this great belly fat burning opportunity.

Get your male abs before summer!

Click Here To Download the “Try It First, Then Decide” Trial Offer


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