Stomach Flattening Exercises For Women

Stomach flattening exercises for women are not enough to get 6 pack abs. They are, however, necessary in order to develop and tighten the muscle. But they are not the dominant factor in reducing belly fat.

The reason is that our body cannot be forced to lose fat in one area only. It loses fat all over the body at the same time. This means that exercising only one part of your body will not give you result in that part alone but the fat loss will be spread out all over your body.

But abdominal exercises are very effective in reducing visceral fat. This is the dangerous fat that lies deep in the abdomen and cause serious health problems in women. Studies have shown that subject that included stomach flattening exercises for women lost an average of 18 percent more visceral fat than the subject that followed their diet alone.

Abdominal Exercises For Women.

Men and women have very different physical make up. Women structures give them a unique set of training needs and ability. So a custom designed program like this targeted womens abs book is ideal to get an effective workout.

Stomach flattening exercises for women must be performed with consistency. This will give you more result than intensity without it. And you do not need the latest gut buster 2000 you see on those late night infomercials, the floor is the best abs machine.

The upper and lower back must be kept into consideration when exercising. They must not put extra stress on the back which can cause injury but instead help strengthen it.

The exercises should also involve the core muscle. These are the muscles that stabilize the spine. Having strong muscles will help your posture by getting rid of slumped shoulder that women often fall victim to due to the added weight of breast tissue.

One problem area that women often complain about is the lower abs or the pooch belly especially after a pregnancy. So a good lower abs exercise must be implemented in order to get rid of that flabby skin.

A lot of women have trouble getting their flat bellies back after a pregnancy. A change in the laxity of the abdominal wall weakens the abs. That is why it is important to regain the strength in your muscles for two reasons.

One it will help prevent lower back injury. And two, it will give proper support to your abdominal organs and prevent them from dropping forward. This will help give you that flat belly look.

It is also recommended that the exercises eliminate the hip flexors. Women naturally have strong hip flexors which can take over for the abs negating the exercise.

Women Abs Exercises.

One of the most efficient stomach flattening exercises for women is the bicycle. It works the most muscles at the same time. It activates the upper and lower abs the oblique’s and some of the core muscles that stabilize the spine.

First lye on the floor on your back. The hands are then place with fingers lock behind the head. Bend the knees and raise your feet so that your lower legs are parallel to the floor. Start a basic pedaling motion by touching your right elbow to your left knee and vice versa.

One of the best women core exercises is the plank pose. It strengthens the spine erector and the abdominal walls. It is an isometric exercise meaning there is no movement. Simply lay with your stomach on the floor. Raise your self so that you are balanced on your toes and your elbow and forearms. Hold this position for ten seconds at a time.

To have maximum impact on your abs, add variety to your workout. Incorporate a Swiss ball or a hoolla hoop.

For complete and the most effective targeted routines for women check out our very own “Ultimate Belly Fat Burning Guide To Six Pack Abs“.

And see what the best stomach flattening exercises for women.

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