Stomach Flattening Exercises

Hello and Welcome to Stomach Flattening Exercises this weeks topic of the Belly Fat Grenade Newsletter – Charles Boisvert here.

I’m delighted that you’re back for this third Belly Fat Grenade.

It shows you are really commited to losing weight – Before we jump right in.

Let me start by saying that I strongly recommend that you include stomach flattening exercises in your weight loss program.

If you don’t include this program then you should include another one of your choice.

It’s not only to help you lose weight but for your OVERALL HEALTH AND WELL BEING.

This Weeks Belly Fat Grenade – Stomach Flattening Exercises

You need to stomach flattening exercise to get maximum and fast body transformation, like the ones you see in the before and after pictures of myself and of my clients throughout this site.

Trust me – There is no Magic Pills or Miraculous Gizmos that will ever replace stomach flattening exercises.

I’ve found – and my clients tell me the same – that it is much easier to stick to a nutrition program when you exercise.

Because you see results much faster, you will be motivated to stick to your meal plan.

And sticking to your meal plan will make you WANT TO EXERCISES.

They really do go together.

It will also give you some muscle mass helping you feel and look younger.

Making your body firmer and toned. And this will in turn boost your metabolism helping you burn belly fat faster.

I think you are starting to see my point: If you are not exercising you are slowing down your progress.

I cannot EMPHASIZE enough that you should perform some form of stomach flattening exercises. Any exercise is better than nothing.

But you don’t need as much as you might think.

No More Hour After Hour At The Gym!

A lot of people have the wrong idea when it comes to the amount of stomach flattening exercises they need.

When I tell people that I got these results while only doing about 45 minutes of exercise – and only 3 times a week – they are chocked!

Only about 25 minutes was dedicated to multi-joint – full body stomach flattening exercises.

Truth is most people that fail at losing weight are training too much.

When I first started to exercise Less, I saw results much quicker.

The fact that I was exercising less is not the point I want to make.

My point is: I was exercising less because I was exercising smarter and more efficiently.

I used a combination of Metabolic Resistance Training and Interval Cardio training.

After about three weeks I had to stop the cardio because (believe it or not) I was losing weight too fast.

So I ended up sticking to the resistance training as my main stomach flattening exercises.

Which only took me 25 minutes a day – 3 times a week, this fit into my busy schedule perfectly.

Now I’m not saying to stop your cardio or not to do any. I highly recommend it.

It was just too much for me when I started and I didn’t need it back then.

After I got to a weight close to where I wanted to be, I re-started my interval cardio training to get my cardiovascular health in tip top shape.

And I still perform them to this day, but that is the subject of my next newsletter.

The Best Stomach Flattening Exercise

Metabolic resistance training is by far the best stomach flattening exercises for anyone trying to lose weight.

Like I said earlier – It builds muscles which burns more calories and in turns boosts your metabolism.

It also gives your body that toned athletic look.

It also strengthens your joints, can increase bone density and keeps your body in a fat burning state long after your working is finished.

It may sound funny to some people but the best stomach flattening exercises are not ab exercises at all.

Its not that the exercises in the routine below target the ab muscles better that abdominal specific exercises.

Although they do indirectly work the abs.

But more importantly, because they are multi-joint movement they target several large muscle groups at once.

This creates metabolic changes in your entire body promoting fat burninglong after your workout is done.

And if you burn more fat (including stomach fat) you will see your abs better.

One of the more overlooked benefits is the one that also has you looking and feeling younger.

Resistance training stimulates the release of Growth Hormone.

Growth hormones help build and repair muscle and mobilizes your fat stores. It also increases your metabolism.

When you’re younger your body naturally produces more which is why you can eat more and not gain weight.

Now you might have heard that exercising in the morning will produce more growth hormones. This is Not True!

There is no scientifically proven best time to exercise – Period -.

Stomach Flattening Exercises Routine

The following stomach flattening routine is the same one I followed when I started to make unbelievable progress.

It transformed my body, toned it and built muscle including my six pack.

It is designed to stimulate fat loss and build muscles – FAST! –

These stomach flattening exercises are a full body workout. It targets all the muscle groups from different angles.

It also directly and indirectly stimulates your stomach muscles developing a great pair of six pack abs.

And most importantly – It Can Be Done At Home!

Workout A



1-A) Lying Hip Extensions



1-B) Mountain Climbers

6 per side


2-A) Prisoner Squat



2-B) Plank

15 sec.


3-A) Push-Up



3-B) Bird Dog

5 per side


4-A) Forward Lunge

8 per side


4-B) Cross Crawl

6 per side



Workout B



1-A) Split Squat

8 per side


1-B) Side Plank

5 sec/side


2-A) Close Grip Push-Up



2-B) 1 Leg Hip Extensions

5 per side


3-A) Step-Ups

8 per side


3-B) Stick-Ups



4-A) Band Pull



4-B) Reverse Lunge

5 per side


I performed Workout A on Monday, Workout B on Wednesday and Workout A on Friday. Resting Saturday and Sunday. The following Monday I would begin with Workout B and so on.

Exercises 1-A and 1-B are performed with no rest in between and 30-45 seconds rest after both are completed. Repeat 3 times.

If you haven’t exercised in a while, only perform one set of each exercises the first week then two sets the following and then do the three sets as recommended.

These stomach flattening exercises might look easy but I can tell you from experience they get your heart pumping.

But most importantly they work. and results will show, FAST!

Follow this routine for 4 weeks and then change to another routine in our New Ultimate Belly Fat Burning Guide To Six Pack Abs.

I’ll explain why in the next chapter.

Variety Is The Key To Fat Loss

Variety is one of the keys that helped me burn belly fat and that allowsme to keep a flat stomach to this day.

You see, your body is very efficient. It only works as hard as it needs to.

If you keep doing the same workout month after month, your body willadapt and about after the first 4 weeks your progress will slow down significantly.

To keep your fat loss progress to a maximum, you should make changes to your workout every 4 weeks.

This will keep your body from adapting and you’ll keep making progress.

Variety is one of the key principals behind our Ultimate Belly Fat Burning Guide To Six Pack Abs.

If you keep changing your stomach flattening exercises, your body will stay in calorie burning mode to keep up.

The Ultimate Belly Fat Burning Guide To Six Pack Abs is designed like the most successful weight loss programs being used today by top trainers.

Including what you see the trainers do on NBC’s hit show “The Biggest Loser”.

Now let me say this – as not to mislead you – is NOT affiliated in any way shape or form with “The Biggest Loser”.

Our guide is also not about making you throw up from the intensity.

It focuses on metabolic resistance training which build muscles and burns more calories.

A studied showed that people with more muscle had a higher resting metabolic rate.

They burned more calories when they’re at rest.

Plus more muscles give you that sexy athletic look.

Metabolic resistance training is what helped me really break thru and make some amazing progress.

Don’t get caught up like I was in thinking that cardio and aerobics are a must to get a flat stomach.

They really aren’t – Think about it –

How many people do you see or talk to who go to the gym, spend hours on a treadmill, year after year, but still end up looking the same.

That was me, and it might be you too, until I discovered the best stomach flattening exercises was metabolic resistance training.

In the next Belly Fat Grenade I will discuss a way more effective alternative to regular cardio and aerobics.

It’s called Interval Cardio training.

Remember losing weight is a Marathon – Not A Sprint!

That’s why I want to take each topic one step at a time – Baby Steps.

I’ve said it before – but the very fact that you requested this information says that you have the capacity to change your lifestyle.

Most people are “Say-ers”.

You’ve proved yourself to be a “Do-er”.

This is rare! You should be proud.

See you next time…

Yours in Health,
Charles Boisvert

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